IT Support for Home Users in Milton Keynes

I have been fixing machines for over 10 years and relish a challenge! Whether your machine is running slow or you have a malicious virus on your machine, I can help.

Some jobs are possible via remote support and others will involve me coming to your house/ offices.
These are the most common jobs I attend:

  • Laptops
  • PCs
  • Small Networks
  • Slow machines
  • Slow networks
  • Virus and Trojan removal (yes even those scam viruses that send you embarrasing messages)
  • Screen replacements
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Full Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Power jacks
  • Faulty Keyboard and Mouse/ tracker pad Replacements
  • Broken USB ports
  • RAM upgrades
  • Small Network installations and upgrades

N.B. I do not repair Apple products nor mobile phones or tablets but I can advise you on the fault and give you lessons on getting the most out or your machine.

Call now for a no obligation quote (with no hidden costs!): 07841 594 923